The relationship between dog and owner is something special. But what happens when they don’t understand each other? We’re here to give your communication skills a boost to allow dog and owner to speak the same language again.

Yours, Carine Woltz

A guide to self-help

At Kynos, the canine world isn’t simply reinvented or made nonsense of with so-called “new” theories and methods. That’s why KYNOS has a plethora of possible solutions for tackling personal dog problems and from these solutions offers you the best possible one tailored to your specific dog problem.

We’re giving you guidance on self-help, which means that the incentives and ideas stem from us. The part contributed by you as a dog owner is your commitment to the work in terms of both time and intensity.

KYNOS offers your dog a training regime which is honest, individualised and based on modern ethnological findings. We’re also particularly specialised in large dog breeds, gundogs and dogs with behavioural issues.


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