The Greek word for dog is Kynos and the Latin one is Canis. I first picked up knowledge on the study of dogs, cynology, at the Canis – Centre for Cynology. In autumn 2002, I had the privilege of being part of the first generation of students at this school, which was founded by the renowned scientist and wolf expert Erik Zimen (+2003) and dog trainer and behavioural advisor Michael Grewe.

The theoretical and practical knowledge of wolves and their canine descendants aroused my curiosity, inspiring me to seek further education on the subject of dog-human interactions under the auspices of renowned cynologists and scientists.

Ongoing education (brief overview):

Canis - Centre for cynology

dog academy Perdita Lübbe

Anton Fichtlmeier

Günther Bloch

Dr. Udo Ganslosser u.a

Ina and Thomas Baumann

I’m very happy to spare some time to give you more information on my training and further education