The School

KYNOS – the school for dogs and owners

Rearing animals in ways proper to their species is our foremost interest. KYNOS will provide a setting for your dog to learn more than the usual “Sit, stay, heel”. Your dog will learn the basics of good dog manners, and you, as an enlightened owner, will set clear guidelines to make the learning process on both sides a worthwhile experience. The objective is a harmonic partnership – with a clear separation of roles, mutual respect, tolerance and care. Alongside, we pick up on you and your dog as individuals. Which method suits your dog? Which method suits you? Do you and your dog find a way with each other? You can discover the answers to these and many other questions at the KYNOS School for Dogs.


  • One-to-one sessions for “dog-owner” teams of all ages (house calls can also be arranged)
  • Individual advice before/while getting a dog
  • Regular group walks to check what you have learnt…and much more.

We would be delighted to give you information on all the possible pathways towards a close dog-owner partnership. Feel free to give us a call on (+352) 621 15 47 10.


+352 621 15 47 10

Opening times

7 days a week on appointment

22, rue des Romains
L-5433 Niederdonven